Why does your business need robotics?

The main reason is that it pays off. Robots do not require a salary. Robots do not get sick and go on vacation.
Robotized manufacture outputs products of stable quality. Every day and every night.

Areas of our activity in industrial robotics

Equipment manufacturing

6-axis robotic manipulators, computer vision, PET packaging production equipment and more.


Robots installation, technologies development and tuning, automatic production lines, maintenance.

Software development

Software development for computer vision robots control. Robots Programming.


Though life appears to be full of challenges, we do handle those that are technical ones.

The solutions we offer:

Adaptive robotic welding

Adaptive welding of metal structures with a tolerance to position of welded joint up to several tens of millimeters. Automatic control of welded joint to prevent rejection, breakage or abnormal equipment lockout. Automatic correction of welding mode adjusted for deviations of welded joint geometry.

Visual robots programming

"Programming" of product processing on a 3d model in a graphic environment - it is enough to determine the processing trajectories and set an equipment operating modes Automatic validation, 3d-simulation, G-code import and much more.

Automation of PET packaging production

Automation of the entire technological chain from the blow molding machine to the filling unit. Tube fitting assembly. Installation into a keg. Keg capping. Pumping with an inert gas. Leak testing. The equipment can be supplied both in a complex or in separate units.

Automation of machines and presses

Automatic supply of blanks, folded into a tare randomly, using a robot and computer 3d-vision (bin picking). Easy adjustment to other shapes/sizes. No noise and vibrations (in contrast to vibrating feeders).

Industrial robots programming

Programming robots. Configuring, tuning, options installation. Calibration, alignment, accuracy improvement. Equipment сonnection and integration. Specialized control panels development. Control programs optimization, etc.

Hexapod robotic manipulators

Robots-manipulators of the Hexapod series produced by Eidos-Robotics have 6 degrees of freedom, do not require special preparation of a basement and can be used for solving a wide class of tasks: drilling, milling, pruning, glue/sealant putting, precise positioning of heavy objects and etc.

Automatic production lines

Development and implementation of automatic production lines that enable to gain advantages over manual labor: elimination of a human factor, stable product quality and output, flexible performance management and scaling of business.